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The 12 Steps of the Selling Process  

Here is a summary of the typical services and steps Virtual Properties Listing Agents perform for its sellers:

Agency Alternatives
We will review the agency alternatives and representations that are available to you and to potential buyers -- Seller Agency, Buyer Agency and Designated Agency. The representation of your interests, and my role as your agent for the different agency relationships, will be thoroughly presented to you for your consideration.

Marketing Action Plan (or Guarantee)
We will present to you a custom Marketing Action Plan -- for marketing your property. This may include an open house to be conducted when appropriate and as agreed to in advance with you. Ask about our Marketing Guarantee.

Competitive Market Analysis
We will provide you with a current Competitive Market Analysis, and will assist you in determining the most effective list price for your property.

Virtual Tours

Advanced Photography

Estimated Proceeds
We will furnish you with an estimate of the proceeds you can expect from the sale of your property.

Home Enhancement
We will develop a plan to enhance your property's ability to attract buyers. We will also suggest inspections to enhance the marketability of your home.

Virtual Properties Sales Team
We will present your property to the Virtual Properties sales team. I will share with you the team's review and recommendations to help you realize the best price obtainable for your property.

Promotion to Other Brokers
We will promote your property to other reputable, professional brokers and sales associates in the area.

Multiple Listing Service (MLS) & First Multiple Listing Service (FMLS)
We will prepare a plan for your property to appear in the local Multiple Listing Services. The information will be submitted, by the date we have selected, for the property's debut on the market to achieve maximum impact.

Property Information
We will make information on your property available to local and out-of-town buyer prospects. Additional copies will be available for sales associates and prospective buyers at your property.

Direct Marketing
We will distribute promotional materials on your property to key market areas to attract potential buyers.

Virtual Properties Sign
We will place a Virtual Properties FOR SALE sign on your property, to help generate calls to our office from prospective buyers.

We will review with you our advertising program -- including our Internet Sites, Info Line, and Color Magazine -- designed to generate buyer prospects for your property.

Seller Disclosure
We will present your written disclosure regarding the condition of your property to buyer prospects to assist them in preparing an offer. You will keep me informed of any changes in the property and keep the information current on the disclosure form.

Relocation Services
We'll provide: 1) more exposure for your home and greater access to incoming transferees, 2) information on your new city, 3) a cost of living comparison, and 4) mortgage pre-qualification in your new city, prior to a visit.

Home Warranty
We will provide you with information regarding a warranty on the operating systems of your house, to increase the marketability of your property and help reduce your liability to the buyer.

Marketing Activity Report
We will provide you with a Marketing Activity Report on a regular basis to keep you informed of competitive market conditions, buyer activity, and the actions we have taken to market your property.

Home Finding Process
We will review with you the Steps in the Buying/Selling Process to acquaint you with the home finding process that buyers are most likely to follow, including financial qualification, property selection, financing options and closing procedures.

Qualifying Buyers
We will seek financial qualifying information on all buyers submitting a purchase agreement. Our goal will be to seek buyers who have been pre-approved by reputable lenders.

Purchase Agreements
We will review all purchase agreements as they are presented, and we will negotiate on your behalf to reach a purchase agreement with terms that are favorable and protective for you.

Closing the Sale
We will monitor and inform you of the progress of the transaction, including the satisfaction of all contingencies and conditions during the entire transaction.

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