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HUD BUYER'S Information Center




 As your HUD Buyer’s agent it is our job to make your home buying process as simple
as possible.  All the details involved in buying a HUD home, particularly the financial
ones, can be mindboggling. Since we are very experienced HUD specialists throughout
greater Atlanta, we can guide you through the entire process, making  your  home  buying experience stress free.  As a HUD specialist and REALTOR,  we can also
provide you with all the important information about a neighborhood, including  
quality of the schools, neighborhood safety, etc.  


IF you use one of our Virtual Property HUD specialists we will happily provide you with the  
following services  at no cost to you.

    1. Calculate how much home you qualify for:

This would depend on many factors which our In house HUD lender and HUD
specialists can help you figure out.  Our HUD lenders have many different
mortgage programs to choose from and they can quickly provide you with
a Pre- Qualification letter and good faith estimate before your offer is placed.


The following are a few of the Mortgage Programs currently available:

·         Down payment assistance

·         Rural  housing loans

·         Veterans loans

·         $100 down payment loans

·         FHA home repair or rehab loans

·         Grant programs

·         Law Officer, Teacher, Firefighter & Medical Technicians  loan discounts

·         Reversed mortgages

·         And many more


  1. Explain Your Rights:

      Even if you have bad credit or little down payment we can help you. You may be a 
candidate for one of the many Federal Mortgage Programs now available to
      some buyers.  To 
determine the best program for you we would put  you in-touch
      with a qualified HUD- funded 
housing  counselor who would help you sort  through
      all your options. 


  1. Save You Time and Money

Even if you are an investor or owner/occupant, HUD will take less then the asking price and we know how to get YOU the lowest acceptable bid.  Since we do not list HUD properties you can be assured that as your buyer’s agent we will work very hard  at trying to get you  the lowest  price and best terms possible. Our buyer agents have all the Keys and immediate access to every foreclosure including bank owned forecloses .  This saves you valuable time  because we can quickly show you everything available in the price range and area you desire.  When you are ready to make an offer, we will gladly provide you with a market analyst using sold comparables, as well as a list of good  qualified inspectors and lenders

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